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DSi Drawing
.:Like God Father, Like Daughter:. by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
Orb of Tornami by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
When Jackbots Attack by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
A DSi Drawing of Up to 3 Character(s) of Your Choice
:bulletgreen: I Do OC's/FC's
:bulletgreen: I Do Canon Characters
:bulletgreen: I Do Canon x OC
:bulletgreen: I Do Anime, Sonic, Anthro, Pokemon, Canines/Felines, et cetera
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Elderly People and Mild Fat/Obesity like This-
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Couples
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Mild Nudity (As Long as it's Within DA Rules :meow: I Don't Wanna Get Reported)

:bulletyellow: I Can Try Semi-Realism

:bulletred: I Will Not Do Extreme Obesity/Inflation
:bulletred: I Will Not Do Hate Art
:bulletred: I Will Not Do Hentai 

Every Extra Character is 10 :points:

Extra Plants/Effects/Backgrounds like the above pictures are 10 :points:

These Generally Only Take Me a Couple of Hours to Do (Depending on Complexity) and Can Be Posted As Soon As It's Finished.
Extra Characters/Details
Make an Order for Every Detail You Want to Add. This Includes:

:bulletblue: Plants
:bulletblue: Simple Backgrounds
:bulletblue: Extra People/Pets
:bulletblue: Ask About Anything Else


First off, I would like to take some time to personally thank these lovely people:

1: TheNeoShadow, DojangDoll, calliope-rain, AlexiatheHedgehog123
:bulletred: Some of us may not talk as much anymore, but you guys are the sole reason I branched out to do more with my art. I remember when we all first met a good 3\4 years ago on ffn and how we all were into Lexi's alternate AU forum and all happily giving each other feedback- heck. We all joined DA around the same time too. And really, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for supporting me all of these years. I know you guys get busy with life, but I appreciate it when you drop a comment here and there, whether its on a piece I wrote/drew or just to see how I'm going. To us; the group that started it all~ :tighthug:

2. Kiwikat96, tmpoole96, sumerjoy11, Penguinqueen423, Celestial-Vestal, XSreiki772
:bulletred: You guys are definitely my closer friends in the XS fandom, and really I look up to all of you. From your art and style, to the way you handle issues and how you're not afraid to say what's on your mind- I admire you all for that. You guys are just so creative, and thoughtful, and funny, and accepting- and really I couldn't of asked for better. You guys rock! :)

3. HeddoTenshi, RoxyTH, Tron-Silver, uzzthehedgehog
:bulletred: Some of the closer friends I have made in the Sonic fan base when I first started, and I honestly have no idea what to say. You guys are still here for me, even if we don't talk as much as we used to, and you all continue to make great art and make me feel ashamed. :XD: Keep on truckin' guys! Keep ooon truckin'! :salute:

4. iKYLE, HowlingMisfit, Verdant-Frost, ArtlessHero
:bulletred: You guys were my lifeline in high school and still continue to be the only true friends I have ever met in any school that I can trust. You guys know you're always welcomed to my place, just drop me a note first so we can make plans!~

There are others I really wanna thank too, but I can't remember their user name right now for the life of me and its killing me! I'll definitely edit this when they come to mind! >.<

And last but not least, I want to express thanks for the life I was given. I am thankful for all my supportive friends and watchers. I want to give thanks for my family's health, because even though they're all sick, they're still here with me to share this day. I am thankful for my mom, because she is like the sister I will never have and the best support I have in my life, and because even with her being as sick and hurting as she is, she is still there for us when we need her the most. I am thankful for my brother, because even though he has disabilities and is sick, he is here another year proving the doctors wrong and continuing to brighten our days with his smile. I am thankful for my youngest brother, because now we are actual starting to get along better. I am thankful for my newfound motivation for both art and life. I am thankful for all that I have. And best of all, I am thankful for every moment I have with my family, because as annoying as we can be, or how weird and silly and straight up stupid we can be, they're the only family I have, and I wouldn't trade what I have for the world. :)
Edit: Because I REALLY want to give these a new/better home. 

:bulletgreen: Send Payments before claiming as your own
:bulletgreen: You may change the name and the appearance a bit (such as eyes, fur color, etc), but I would prefer if you kept the design as close to the original as possible. Please and Thank You.
:bulletgreen: Feel free to give them a new bio, personality, new clothes, and so on.
:bulletgreen: You may resell but only if you don't end up using the character.

:bulletpink: (#2)
-I've been having a fallout with the Sonic fan base recently, and I never used this character. Credit goes to RoxyTH for the art and design.
Price: 200 :points: (Original Price I Paid)


Nellie M-R
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

*+Welcome to my Page+*

Paint Tool SAI User -Stamp- by hixdei-loveSay Thank you when someone... by Drache-LehreTraditional User -Stamp- by hixdei-love
Stamp - Colored pencil user by griffsnuffI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawStamp: I love deviantART by apparate

Hey there and Welcome to my Page! My user name is Mindl3ss-Cr3ator, but feel free to call me

:bulletblue: Mindless
:bulletblue: Nellie
:bulletblue: Senpai B'I //slapped

Haha, I'm sorry. I'm a loser. Well, generally this is the site I go on to relieve stress and share art, but I also love getting to know other deviants! So seriously, don't be afraid to talk to me because I will not bite! ...

Okay. Maybe a little nibble on the ear. :iconilikeitplz:

I love drawing cartoons of all kinds but my main domains are in the Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles and Sonic TH AU's. I absolutely am in love with Pokemon (I am such a big PokeHoe you have no idea) and I am just in love with KPop/JPop (even though I love all music in general). I am a Traditional Artist, but as of recently I have started learning how to use PTS and have been experimenting with the different techniques it has to offer, so once in a while I will post some digital work as well.

If you read this, thank you for putting up with my nonsense! And if you like what you see, feel free to support me in any way you want! From a llama to a watch, I appreciate it all and sometimes I even return the favor~ :meow:

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