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DSi Drawing
.:Like God Father, Like Daughter:. by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
Orb of Tornami by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
When Jackbots Attack by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
A DSi Drawing of Up to 3 Character(s) of Your Choice
:bulletgreen: I Do OC's/FC's
:bulletgreen: I Do Canon Characters
:bulletgreen: I Do Canon x OC
:bulletgreen: I Do Anime, Sonic, Anthro, Pokemon, Canines/Felines, et cetera
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Elderly People and Mild Fat/Obesity like This-
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Couples
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Mild Nudity (As Long as it's Within DA Rules :meow: I Don't Wanna Get Reported)

:bulletyellow: I Can Try Semi-Realism

:bulletred: I Will Not Do Extreme Obesity/Inflation
:bulletred: I Will Not Do Hate Art
:bulletred: I Will Not Do Hentai 

Every Extra Character is 10 :points:

Extra Plants/Effects/Backgrounds like the above pictures are 10 :points:

These Generally Only Take Me a Couple of Hours to Do (Depending on Complexity) and Can Be Posted As Soon As It's Finished.
Extra Characters/Details
Make an Order for Every Detail You Want to Add. This Includes:

:bulletblue: Plants
:bulletblue: Simple Backgrounds
:bulletblue: Extra People/Pets
:bulletblue: Ask About Anything Else


Dress Up Yasmin! (Updated!) by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
Dress Up Yasmin! (Updated!)
EDIT: I redid the base over. The other one was crap. ^^;

I decided to make a new dress up for Yasmin! The reason being I need a liiittle bit of hep redesigning her outfits. Because now looking back at some of her outfits, I find them a little too plain for Yasmin's liking. ^^;

These are her old ones: Yasmin's Outfits [FINAL EDIT]

What I am keeping from this are her
Casual 1
Casual 2 (Which will now be her Fitness Wear 1)
Casual 3
Monk/Apprentice Robe
Formal 1 (Though I'm going to edit it and make it more traditional)

I am changing/adding:
Fitness Wear 2 and 3

So what I am wondering is if you guys can help me design

:bulletred: Kimono Wear
:bulletred: A more prom suitable Formal 2
And some more casual outfits?

Yasmin's style is quirky and fun. She loves bold colors, patterns and prints, and accessories (such as bows and jewelry). Her favorite colors are purple, green, blue, and pink (all shades), but she dislikes brown(because it makes her feel oppressed. Not only that but it washes her out) and excessive amounts of gray. Don't worry about hair because I already have some hairstyles for her! I just need outfits. :aww:

Base (c) XS-Is-The-Shiz 
Yasmin (c) :iconmindl3ss-cr3ator: Yours Truly~
.: Yasmin's Outfits REVAMP :. by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
.: Yasmin's Outfits REVAMP :.
You Can Dress Up Yasmin HERE

So I finally finished redoing Yasmin's Outfits! Damn it this was a lot of work. I spent about 5 straight hours yesterday morning (8AM to 1:30), and then another 4 hours from 11PM to 3AM, and then I spent another 3 hours this morning finishing up the last 4 outfits (from 8AM-11:20PM). So yeah. I just finished these. I still need to do Kimono Wear and a Formal/Dance Dress, but for now, I'm frickin done. :XD:

And now, for descriptions and credits! ;w;

This will go in order, starting with underwear at the Upper Left and ending with Formal 1 in the Lower Right

Underwear: Because everyone needs underwear. :I For this I just made a frillier matching set. Light blue since it's a complimentary color for Jazz.

Pajamas 1: Designed by tmpoole96! She made a strapless hot pink nightgown and I liked it! So to make it stand out some, I added a sheer fabric overlay so it wasn't as plain. :aww:

Pajamas 2: Designed by sumerjoy11! lol, this is still one of my favorites. :XD: A baby pink t-shirt with a simple eeeelephant on the chest, also with gray pants with polka dots to match the elephant. The only thing I changed was making the pants longer. :aww:

Pajamas 3: Also designed by sumerjoy11! I really liked how the white complimented the innocent touch of the bows. All I did was take off the bows on the pants, but everything else remained the same. :aww:

Adventure Wear: A pair of (fail) camo tights and a off white tank top. The shoes are actually a branch off of the shoes used in the Western Wear, which was designed by XSreiki772. :)

Apprentice Robes: A drastic redesign of my previous concept. I can imagine Jazz wearing darker colors because, well, if she's going to be training, white is not the best color. ^^; It's a gray body suit, which is long sleeved, with a blue tunic like vest as an overlay. She wears a pair of sheer white tights underneath her suit to help her feel more covered, and the flats help to keep her balance.

Casual 1: Designed by sumerjoy11! It's a one sleeved gradient t shirt with a bow accent, and a pair of shorts with lacy tights underneath. The converse I made into heels because Yasmin likes being more unexpected with her fashion, and plus it looks awesome as heels~ I added bracelets for the accessory. :aww:

Casual 2: A new one I made earlier this morning! A high-waist skirt in three shades of blue with a print. The shirt is tucked in and says "I'm not Weird. You're Simple", and to pull the piece together are a pair of blue wedges and a neutral colored waist belt. :aww:

Casual 3: Another outfit from this morning! It's a slightly opaque blouse with washed in colors and splatters. The pants are a bolder red to compliment the shirt, and the accessories used for this are her heeled converse, a rainbow bangle, and a lacy red hair bow. 

Casual 4: Gym wear, and definitely cute and simple. It's a tiger hoodie (complete with little ears on the hood~) and a pair of white sweat pants. Like the last outfit, it's used with her heeled converse. :meow:

Dress 1: Designed by sumerjoy11! It's a cute plaid schoolgirl styled dress, complete with a pair of sheer white tights and ballet flats, and on Yasmin it looks so cute! :XD: Like, seriously, I can see her going to a library to read in this, and then someone asks her to check out a book because they think she's an employee, and then Yasmin will get offended and either walk away or kick their ass- yeaaah. This is gorgeous. Sooo many possibilities. :XD:

Dress 2: I can't let this one go, and honestly I didn't change a damn thing about this outfit. So, consider it a "Draw This Again" bit. :XD: It's a flowy purple dress with a floral print in lavender. Comes complete with buckled flats and knee length lavender socks to match. Underneath the dress is a green little tank top used to make the dress stand out more. 

Swimwear: Designed by NotoriousHamCatcher! And when I saw this, this was one of the outfits I fell in love with! A multi pink bathing suit complete with a x-styled twist and an ornamental white lily at the center. Also comes with a sheer purple and blue polka dot wrap for when Yasmin just wants to chill under the sun. Also complete with blue and green flip flops. All I changed about this was the way the x twisted on the bathing suit, but otherwise it's exactly the same! :aww:

Spring Wear: This is another outfit that remained untouched from my original ref! A simple pair of black skinny jeans and a powder pink top are pulled together by a pair of flats, and it's ideal for spending a day outside without getting too hot. 

Summer Wear: The original concept was by storm-thunder-demon! What I did is I changed it from a skirt and shirt to a dress, but I kept the length and halter. As for the over all design, I used the colors you had in the original concept and designed it to look like a multi colored print, and made blue wedges to match. :) It's a multi colored print halter dress, loose and flowy for those hot days by the beach or just even hanging around! :aww:

Fall Wear: This had been one of the last outfits I worked on. It's a pair of khaki skinny jeans with a bolder print. The shirt is flowy and a bright pop of green, Yasmin's way of saying good bye to hot days and sand in her pants. :XD: Complete with a pair of green wedges!

Winter Wear: This is the last outfit from my last deviation which virtually remained untouched. She's sporting a pair of white tights and a shorter pink dress, wearing a purple trench coat with a Moroccan print as an overlay. She wears a pair of lavender knee high boots and her trademark scarf as accessories, and as the final touch, a pair of fuzzy ear muffs. :meow:

Western Wear: Designed by XSreiki772! It's a midriff lavender shirt with a dark purple vest over top, and a pair of light wash jeans to match. She wears finger-less black gloves and a pair of black combat-like boots as accessories, the shoes making it easier for her to explore more rugged terrain. Complete with a choker and a leather belt. The most I changed with this outfit was the color of the gloves, aaand that's it. :XD:

Valentine's Day Wear: Inspired by sumerjoy11! In one of the outfits you had made, there was a cute gray sweater with a heart on it. Sooo, I made the sweater a lighter gray, added more hearts, paired it with a frilly pink, gray, and white tutu skirt and a pair of sheer black tights! I also used the heeled converse with this, because I'm obsessed. ;3; I'm not sorry. 

Christmas Wear: Designed by sumerjoy11! Remember how you colored a dress in two colors because you couldn't decide which one looked best? Well, I was experimenting, and I realized that the style of the dress was perfect for a Christmas party! So I made the dress red, and I added cut outs on the shoulder of the sleeved to add some sass. I kept the pearls and flats, though I changed the tights from gray to white because it's more Christmas-y. :meow:

Traditional Wear: A very much needed revamp of Yasmin's Saree ene. The old one was crap. With this one, I adorned it more with print and more colors, and instead of blue I made it pink, because pink is a complimentary color on Jazz. It's a midriff shirt and a long skirt, a scarf wrapping across her chest and over her shoulder for not only modesty, but also because that's the traditional way to wear a saree. Personally I like this soooo much better than the last saree, haha. :XD:

And that's all! Now credits!

Outfits made in Collaboration with tmpoole96, XSreiki772, NotoriousHamCatcher, storm-thunder-demon, and sumerjoy11
Art and Yasmin (c) Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
Base (c) XS-Is-The-Shiz

Done on PTS
Duration: ~12hrs
Just spent 5 straight hours on Sai working on "Yasmin Origins Outfits" and another hour working on traditional works. Eesh I need a break. ^^;
Working on some art. Fiiiinally- got my drive back! Time to lock n'load! :D


Nellie M-R
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

*+Welcome to my Page+*

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Hey there and Welcome to my Page! My user name is Mindl3ss-Cr3ator, but feel free to call me

:bulletblue: Mindless
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Haha, I'm sorry. I'm a loser. Well, generally this is the site I go on to relieve stress and share art, but I also love getting to know other deviants! So seriously, don't be afraid to talk to me because I will not bite! ...

Okay. Maybe a little nibble on the ear. :iconilikeitplz:

I love drawing cartoons of all kinds but my main domains are in the Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles and Sonic TH AU's. I absolutely am in love with Pokemon (I am such a big PokeHoe you have no idea) and I am just in love with KPop/JPop (even though I love all music in general). I am a Traditional Artist, but as of recently I have started learning how to use PTS and have been experimenting with the different techniques it has to offer, so once in a while I will post some digital work as well.

If you read this, thank you for putting up with my nonsense! And if you like what you see, feel free to support me in any way you want! From a llama to a watch, I appreciate it all and sometimes I even return the favor~ :meow:

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