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DSi Drawing
.:Like God Father, Like Daughter:. by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
Orb of Tornami by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
When Jackbots Attack by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
A DSi Drawing of Up to 3 Character(s) of Your Choice
:bulletgreen: I Do OC's/FC's
:bulletgreen: I Do Canon Characters
:bulletgreen: I Do Canon x OC
:bulletgreen: I Do Anime, Sonic, Anthro, Pokemon, Canines/Felines, et cetera
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Elderly People and Mild Fat/Obesity like This-
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Couples
:bulletgreen: I Can Do Mild Nudity (As Long as it's Within DA Rules :meow: I Don't Wanna Get Reported)

:bulletyellow: I Can Try Semi-Realism

:bulletred: I Will Not Do Extreme Obesity/Inflation
:bulletred: I Will Not Do Hate Art
:bulletred: I Will Not Do Hentai 

Every Extra Character is 10 :points:

Extra Plants/Effects/Backgrounds like the above pictures are 10 :points:

These Generally Only Take Me a Couple of Hours to Do (Depending on Complexity) and Can Be Posted As Soon As It's Finished.
Extra Characters/Details
Make an Order for Every Detail You Want to Add. This Includes:

:bulletblue: Plants
:bulletblue: Simple Backgrounds
:bulletblue: Extra People/Pets
:bulletblue: Ask About Anything Else


Basic Information

Full Name: Ahe Kaiholo
Translation/Pronunciation: (Ah-HE Kae-Hoe-Low)
Nicknames: Kai, Squirt

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Male
Personality: Ahe is fun loving and always willing to lend a hand. He likes meeting new people just as much as he loves entertaining, and is confident in most things he does. Funny, down-to-Earth, and pretty lax in nature, this kahuna is always looking for a way to stay busy. Can be temperamental at times and is often mistaken to be lazy or a douche.
Relationship Status: Single and Ready to Mingle. c:
Real Age: 23
Age Appearance: I would say he looks his age.
Zodiac Sign: July 16th
Birthday: Cancer
Deathday: Too soon.
Birthplace: Pukalani, Maui

Species: Human
Ethnicity: Polynesian (Hawaiian)
Dominant Descendant(s): Same as Above
Descendant(s): Pacific Islander
Native Language: Hawaiian Pidgin, also known as "Hawaii Creole English"
Blood Type: AB+
Preferred Hand: Left
Height: 5"07
Weight: 133lbs
Facial Type: Oblong
Physical Description: For a guy he's considered average. His body build is more fit due to his constant exercise in water and all the hiking he does when he's showing tourists around the island. He keeps his hair long because he likes the way it falls into his face when he resurfaces from the water, and he also likes having his hair played with. To commemorate surviving his shark attack, he got a Polynesian styled tattoo of a turtle/hibiscus hybrid on his shoulder.
Physical Qualities: His haaaaaair. lol
Physical Flaws: If you can consider them flaws, the freckles on his cheeks. He also has a scar on his upper leg (thigh really) of a shark bite.
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Dark Brown with Blue Highlights/Tones at the front.
Skin Tone: Tan

Xiaolin/Heylin Affiliation

Affiliation: He's not part of the conflict, but Xiaolin-Neutral
Element: None. Unless you count his "surfer instinct", then water. Haha
Orion Color: None
Powers/Abilities: None
Attack List: None

Signature Wu: His surfboard.
Wudai Weapon: Macheeete
Elemental Wu: Turtles and fish and plenty of other ocean wildlife.
Origin: Hawaii
Ability: Well, he has no powers. But he can hold his breath under water for a full minute! :D
Weakness(es): Currents
Immunities: A good wave
Restrictions: Storms.

Association With Others

Family: Grandfather, mom, dad, two younger sisters, and a younger brother.
Friends: Has three childhood friends, meets Yasmin somewhere along the line, and his surf buddies.
Love Interest(s): None, but he gets easily love struck by pretty girls. Can be a good and bad thing.
Rival(s): Surfing rivals. Competitive, nothing more
Enemies: None

About the Character

Biography: TBP
Hobbies: Surfing, helping his father run his shop, helping others advertise their goods, hiking.
Talents: He can "Fire Dance", he's a good surfer.
Likes: Fire, water, heat, festivals, meeting new people, the beach, animals, and fruit.
Dislikes: Caves and underwater caverns, eels
Pet Peeves: Uptight people
Fear(s): Thunder, rough waters, and hurricanes. Oh. He hates crickets too.
Favorite Color(s): Red, blues, and orange.
Favorite Food: Tako Poke, shaved ice, and musubi
Favorite Animal: Parrot
Emotional Qualities: He's a good listener, and he can offer good heart felt advice
Emotional Flaws: He can get a bit sensitive and closes off if he feels personally attacked.
Habits/Mannerisms: If he's getting antsy he will pace or tap his fingers a lot. When he's bored he'll mindlessly respond too with a universal "mhm, really, cool", etc.
Scent: Oceaaaan. And if not like the ocean, pineapples because he's always eating fricking pineapples. :XD:
.:NEW XS OC:. Ahe Kaiholo
If anyone would like to roleplay with him, feel free to note me or just comment here! :meow:

I needed a boy OC. I'm not sorry.~

Ahe (c) Mindl3ss-Cr3ator Yours Truly~
Base (c) XS-Is-The-Shiz
Character Sheet (c) AnodizedPink
Xiaolin Showdown (c) Christi Hui
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: My Crazy/All Over the Place Paylist of 300+ Songs
  • Playing: Pokemon White
  • Drinking: Water
Sooo as you guys may have already noticed, my wifi is back! Yay. :meow: Bu I won't really use the computer until the weekdays because that's when I have more free time.

Update wise! So, the last couple days I've been feeling like shit. Today I wake up and everything is amplified. I'm vomiting, I constantly have to use the bathroom, I'm dizzy and have the chills- and I had to work today. I worked at a fast food restaurant so I handled food. Being as sick as I am, I can't handle food sick. It's against inspection rules and I would hate to get customers/employees sick. So I called to tell her I was sick. Before I could even finish my sentence and say why I wasn't coming to work, she fired me.


You think I would be pissed off, but honestly? I am relieved. I hated my job- there were no benefits, one manager was an asshole while the other was a complete creep/had no respect for privacy, and really the only thing that kept me there was the money- even then I didn't want that because they were cutting my hours. I get paid every two weeks and I only work 4 days during that pay period if I'm lucky. Last pay period I only worked three. So you know what? I'm happy. This just means I can focus on more important things without being stressed by the drama at work. Jesus. I swear near everyone there were immature, incompetent morons. I even had to correct their grammar. Man you're supposed to be the adults here and you're swearing and making basic grammar mistakes and throwing hissy fits over the simplest of things? No. I'm sorry but I can't do that. I was looking for a new job anyways, already had sent out two other applications before they fired me, so I'm good. All I need to wait for is their call. :XD:

Besides being down with a virus and being fired though, my day weekend was fairly great! I was able to talk with my mom and actually spend some time with her (I was always stuck with the night shifts and weekends so I always got home when she was asleep or spent all day working, and she worked mornings so I never saw her. Plus my mother is sick so I want to spend as much time with her as I can since her disease is unpredictable), so yeah. It was nice to just sit down and talk and laugh over dinner. We even watched a movie this morning since my step ass and brother are out, and I talked to my mom about school, and she told me she would not only help me with applying but help me to make the right choice for me (I'm constantly switching between becoming a Nurse or Graphic Designer/Animator) so going to school to at least get my base courses done would be a good idea. :aww:

So now with work out of the picture, I have the time to focus on the more important things in my life; family, school, and art. I want to finish some owed art and continue writing "Yasmin Origins", but I also want to experiment with some new fandoms/styles and original ideas. And I think now would be an excellent time to start. :icontinoplz:

So I'm gonna leave you guys with this update, and if you have any drawing suggestions, ideas, or even just want to write a response to my journal, feel free to comment below! This is really just something I wanted to write to get off my chest. Thank you for taking the time to read my journal, and I hope you guys have a great day. :heart:

~Nellie M
.:GIFT:. When the Day Met the Night by Mindl3ss-Cr3ator
.:GIFT:. When the Day Met the Night
"You know, just because you bought me my favorite ice cream doesn't mean you're off the hook. In fact, I think I'd like to repay you...~"

Grah. I feel like complete and utter shit for procrastinating on this! >n<

Happy very belated birthday TheNeoShadow

Well, artistic process. Well... I was actually stuck on this for a while because remember that old WIP I sent you when I first started working on this? Yeah, well, the reason I stopped was because I felt Coy's pose was awkward, and since I had already inked Nadia it was too late to change her. ^^; So I literally spent 4 weeks on and off tryig to fix/change the pose and then finally came up with this! The pose is more casual, and fluid, and it flows very well with Nadia's pose! :D

I decided to make Coy eating an ice cream because when I had started this it was summer, but then August passed. And September. And now approaching the end of October. :stare: Yeah. Like I said. I feel like shit for getting stuck on this. But I got it done! :dummy:

Also, um, style change I guess? ^^; I've been drawing more detailed stuff like this traditionally lately, with both my anime and Xiaolin/Anime related art, so I'm sticking with it because IIIIII love it! :D

Natalia Wolfe and Art(c) Mindl3ss-Cr3ator Yours Truly~
Coy the Wolf (c) TheNeoShadow

Cra-Z Art Colored Pencils
Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen (In size XS)

Duration: Around 4-5hrs. Overall


Nellie M-R
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

*+Welcome to my Page+*

Paint Tool SAI User -Stamp- by hixdei-loveSay Thank you when someone... by Drache-LehreTraditional User -Stamp- by hixdei-love
Stamp - Colored pencil user by griffsnuffI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawStamp: I love deviantART by apparate

Hey there and Welcome to my Page! My user name is Mindl3ss-Cr3ator, but feel free to call me

:bulletblue: Mindless
:bulletblue: Nellie
:bulletblue: Senpai B'I //slapped

Haha, I'm sorry. I'm a loser. Well, generally this is the site I go on to relieve stress and share art, but I also love getting to know other deviants! So seriously, don't be afraid to talk to me because I will not bite! ...

Okay. Maybe a little nibble on the ear. :iconilikeitplz:

I love drawing cartoons of all kinds but my main domains are in the Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles and Sonic TH AU's. I absolutely am in love with Pokemon (I am such a big PokeHoe you have no idea) and I am just in love with KPop/JPop (even though I love all music in general). I am a Traditional Artist, but as of recently I have started learning how to use PTS and have been experimenting with the different techniques it has to offer, so once in a while I will post some digital work as well.

If you read this, thank you for putting up with my nonsense! And if you like what you see, feel free to support me in any way you want! From a llama to a watch, I appreciate it all and sometimes I even return the favor~ :meow:

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